Arthas Gameplay

Hi guys, I’ve been playing Arthas for a while and I might want to say that he’s a very good tanking healer, he can’t heal other team members but he can heal himself so that’s good, I put my ultimate in the army of the dead for the increased self stustained healing
It was a good match overall we won by no problems and the good thing it was that it was easy, as I mentioned in the earlier posts having a good team really makes a difference so I gues it was the team or the combo I don’t know we won flawless the talent build was more specifing on the Death Coil and Trait (Frostmourne) so I maxed those got the healing and the damage it was really easy but not all games are like this sometimes the enemy team combo such as abathur, butcher and lili can really pwn just saying they can really go well together, especially when you play ranked, there is what the team is all about in ranked play.
I have played here some quick match games so when I’ll go official you guys will surely find out xD.
There is not much to say just watch the video and you can comment bellow to state your opinion

We had Arthas Greymane, Qhira , Kharazim and Nova and they had Kel’Thuzad, Medivh, Muradin and Sylvanas.