Destiny 2

Hi guys, I wanna talk to you about Destiny 2 today and I want to tell you that at first glance Destiny 2 seems to me to be a real futuristic rpg-shooter.
I’ve played the prologue only, I’m not that much into shooting games so I would need more game xp for this in the near future, but I want to tell you that I simply loved it and the gameplay
I think it’s way better than Overwatch from Blizzard, In comparrison to be honest Overwatch is more like a team-battleground shooter rpg rather than much solo play as Destiny 2 is.
But the game story is interesting, is more like Diablo as you would call it Diablo 3, if you have the games you know what I’m talking about.
These kind of games focuses more on solo play rather than team play and if they might bring team play into this is to conquer some big objective or save some far away planet invented in the Destiny 2 universe.
I personally didn’t bought Destiny 2, I got it at a giveaway, I guess I was pretty lucky, but as I played it got me more like it was some kind of futuristic Half Life rather than monsters such as zerglings there were robots and things like that, but the story is cool , you can even think of it as some kind of Star Wars game.

You can play as a Warlock, Hunter, or Titan in Destiny 2, I personally played as a awoken hunter, the races are pretty wierd they are : awoken, human and exo. Each relating to some story, I’m not that into shooting games because I think they are pretty hard and you really need to focus on your target and stuff like that but, the story seems cool enough and it’s worthy to play it in my opinion the graphics are very cool I also think of myself while playing if this could even be real I mean those who made it got a really big imagination in my opinion but it still isn’t as big as World of Warcraft with the upcomming Vanilla update.