Yrel Gameplay

Hi guys, I played a match with Yrel today so I might thought I should share it with you guys, this time we won but not because of me I had a pretty good awesome team we just played our part and it was awesome and it wasn’t even hard. What do I love about Yrel is that she is a physically healing tank she’s just a bruiser that heals herself whenever in need and with her ultimate put in the first talent the above one just gets a shield that protects her and healrs her on the amount of damage inflicted to her
So it’s pretty cool to feel like an immortal tank now days, in games actually you feel undefeated and that’s a very cool feeling
I didn’t die much but my team played very good this time I usually go for solo lanes and soak on lanes but I come to the team when I’m in need
I think that in Heroes of the Storm teamplay is crucial to winning the game every team member has to do they’re part in winning like either sticking to the team or just soaking or like abathur sitting in base and shielding everyone and sending minions to the enemy camp
We had a good combo although they had murky and he is quite an annoying hero to play against actually because he can push lanes very fast and destroy towers before us noticing it and he can escape but he has a downfall he is very squishy and dies really quick but instead of that he has an egg wich makes him respawn faster than other heroes.
We had no problem winning this fight everyone doing they’re part it was just cool enough I had to film it and show it to you guys.
It wasn’t the best play but when you know how to play you’re hero you always do a good job, but if you play something new and start learning a new champion it get’s harder before you get the mechanics right.

So stick around and I’ll show you guys more videos and stuff on how do I play video games maby I will roll on league of legends further beyond and let’s see what happends.