Valla Gameplay

In this video I played Valla on Towers of Doom in Heroes of the Storm and as far as I can say it was pretty good, for me, because I didn’t feed and I got some kills but the enemy team was pushing two lanes and we couldn’t cope with it not with them having 2 ex-specialists.
The main reason I played Valla here was to show you guys my talent build.
I almost every time that I play valla I max my trait talents. I always play vala with auto-attacks so getting those 10 stacks of Hatred can really boos your damage.
As I see Valla is a tank shredder so in this game they didn’t have a tank so it was pretty hard to make a kill, Valla is best against tanks at level 16 she has a talent that every third attack she strikes gets down 5% of the targets health, cosidering the speed at wich she shoots and the range i’d see her as a very hard thing for tanks to compe with in my opinion. She can shred tanks from afar easily and down them really quick.
I can see that in every team fight Valla might want to focus the tank and those who sit right ahead of the team, she shouldn’t go into the enemy team considering she is very squishy she can relax and hit the first target that comes into her way cosidering the range and the high damage dealing not to mention her shooting speed.
As my ultimate I ussualy get the second talent Rain of Vengeance for the stun not the damage because I think she might need some CC to escape or engage.

So I would recommend that every time you guys play as Valla in HoTs just think about her as a tank shredder rather thank a high dps ranged assasin.