Stronghold Crusader

Hi guys, I want to write today about a game that I was playing since childhood since I was a teenager, It’s a strategy-based game with medieval fights and buildings.
So actually in this game, you are a Lord and need to build a castle to defend your people and conquer territories and defeat other lords. It’s more like age of empires but way cooler.
In my opinion it’s a very laid back game I mean it’s not that hard to play the strategy is simple, you have to defend your castle and your lord by building walls and towers, training archers and mercenaries building forges and stuff like that to train your people into fighting soldiers to attack the enemy base. You need food and granaries to store your rations so that people won’t starve to death. The matchmaking is simple you can play 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 or you can play free for all. You can charge taxes to your people to earn gold or sell goods on the market to buy more soldiers.
The coolest thing about this game, in my opinion, is the fact that you can build very strong stone walls to protect your keep from enemy fighters such as archers and soldiers who try to attack your castle and fortress.
The main goal in my opinion on this game is to never let your people starve to death because if they starve then they start dying and there would be no one to pay the taxes to buy soldiers so you can’t defend your castle anymore. There are places where you can collect wood and stone which are used for buildings you can collect ore to make weapons and armor for your soldiers, you can even build churches for your people to be more fierce and spiritual in battle, How cool is that?
You can ally with players and play multiplayer games and even trade goods between factions to pursue your quest. The main objective of the game is to defeat your enemies so you and your allies win the game.
Some times it can be tricky because the enemy might buy archer mercenaries early in the game and rush to your people’s base making it hard to farm food and collect wood and stone to get you stronger.
But you can you that tacting also it’s called a rush tactic in strategy-based games, like starcraft when the games start the player with the zerg faction just rushes with zerglings early in the game to destroy the enemy probes it can be very frustrating starting the game for 5 minutes and just losing at the start. But this tactic is very effective especially in starcraft games, but you can use this in every strategy-based game. It works I can guarantee you that if you want a quick win and the opponent is not prepared.
I used this tacting in some stronghold games but if the computer or enemy player is faster than you and it builds early stone walls it will be harder to slay its minions because of the stone bricks that protect them so I think it’s more effective in starcraft the early-rush tacting but it works in every game.
I like the fact that you can build very strong soldier with high plate armor and very heavy equipment to fight by your side but they move very slowly when attacking the enemy for but they are very resilient, you can build catapults to get down enemy buildings and walls easier while the knights rush in the base after the wall was broken.
In short terms, it’s a very good medieval strategy fighting game in my opinion. It’s very fun even now I enjoy playing it. I don’t have much experience in strategy games and I even am very slow but I can understand very fast what the game is about and how to win it, You learn playing so have fun playing with it guys.