Hi guys, I wanna talk to you about the protoss faction in starcraft 2, I bought the game for a while now but I didn’t have the time to play it because to be honest I have alot of games going on and I can’t play them all all the time at once
So I wanna talk to you about the Protos faction, I have played starcraft broodwar and by then the protoss were my favourite of the game
The fact that they had the additional shields and could easily charge they’re opponents (the zealots) and the blink spell wich teleports Stalkers are quite amazing if you ask me, and you don’t even need many units to win the gmae, you don’t need to get that far into building new buildings and get all the units summoned to win the game, I usually win it with protos against computers with mostly zealots stalkers and carriers and the occasional collosus sometimes.
But the things that I want to talk about is how all the protos units have that additional shield that makes me play them . It’s like all the units have 2 hp bars one is the shield and the other is the real hp
And the good thing is that you can improve the shield and improve the armor, you can improve both hp bars the shield and the real hp at once with the upgrades given by the structures
So it’s really hard to kill a proto unit if they have the shield and armor upgrades given in, the next thing i like about the protos is the zealot’s charge. Have you noticed how the charge closes the gap so quick the opponent does not have the time to run, this could be a chaser and a close gap encounter, and there is the blink from the stalkers wich can teleport through terrain and before and after rocks.
Even the buildings have shield with the protos faction so when you upgrade a shield to the necessary units you at the same time upgrade it for the building as well. This is why I think the protoss can be the most resilient faction in the starcraft game.
Although I’ve heard that the zerg would be the most aggresive, the protos would be the most defensive faction in the game.

My opinion on the terrain is not yet relevant because I haven’t played them too many times before. But the terrain has also it’s perks but that would be for another post comin up next.