Disciples Sacred Lands

This is one of my favorite games of all time and one of the most fun and entertaining games that I’ve ever played I found this game when I bought my first personal computer about 13 years ago and it first started with the first game Disciples Sacred Lands, I liked you guys the trailer, this is the first disciples game that was released, It’s a turn-based strategy game which means you have day by day to pass and you get to move your troops one time each day that passes. It’s a game that resembles very much with Heroes of Might and Magic, I played that one too but It didn’t catch my eye very much.
I will talk about Heroes of Might and magic in my future posts if I get the inspiration I need, I haven’t played it much because I was literally obsessed with disciples when I discovered it.
So about Disciples in this game, there are 4 Gods, The Empire (humans), the Mountain Clans (dwarves) the Legions of the Damned (demons), and the Undead Hordes (undead). You get to choose which one to play for saga or just custom map, you can ally between the factions and exchange goods such as gold and magic minerals used for spells, the purpose of the game just varies. In the saga, you either have to capture a city filled with dragons and mercenaries or a Tower or just destroy a random strong party to complete the quest. The tricky thing about this game is that Each God has a capital and in the capital there is one boss which is nearly indestructible and can’t be overcome or defeated, the game designers did this so it’s impossible to lose your own city to other attackers, you always have a chance at winning the objective if the enemy player does not destroy it before you.
It’s a very simple game actually in a party there can be a maximum of 6 party members and one of them is the leader wich gains level and upgrades such as Pathfinding and banner bearer.
My personal opinion of this game is that I never actually played a strategy game before that really made me think which direction should I choose or what to conquer next and also defending my conquered cities from invasion, so you really have to have a spread up thinking on the map for this. I don’t use cheats even if I can I prefer to play the real thing.

There are more games released on the disciples franchise the first one is Disciples: Sacred Lands, the second is Disciples II: Dark Prophecy and the third Disciples III: Renaissance, my favorite one is the first that’s where I started playing so if you really want to enjoy a really good turn-based strategy game and You’re in love with old school games I would recommend you try them. Even now sometimes when I’m in the house I start singing the disciples sacred lands menu theme song just for no reason, that’s how much of an impact had this game on me, and I played it about 10-13 years ago I still have it till now, it’s one of the best games that I’ve played and I would recommend it with pleasure