Arthas Story

Arthas Menethil known as the lich king is a very iconic personage in the World of Warcraft MMORPG game, he’s one of the bosses with a very interesting storyline. He was a paladin and to cleanse his city from a disease that would transform humans into undead he decided to purge the city, he didn’t know back then that this would be a turn in his destiny. After that, he decided to trace the dreadlord Malganis to Northrend and there he would find immense power in the Lich King’s sword frostmourne and his armor he would then become Arthas the Lich King.
The story of Arthas is very interesting to me as the expansion pack Rise of the Lich King, besides the great dungeons and all the undead scourge that he possessed Arthas was a pretty cool boss he would seem that he had a connection to the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner which she commands the forsaken but the scourge didn’t belong to the horde, they were free. Arthas and his army of undead scourge wanted to hold dominion over the frozen wastes of Northrend where he would sit on the Frozen Throne.

There even is a statue of The Lich King in Taiwan
So the scourge commander had to get through some battles to become the Lich King, he even betrayed his father to take the remains of the Lich Kel’Thuzad as he will become an adept to his plans and an officer in his army.
What struck me the most is that when Arthas found his sword Frostmourne the sword guided him to the Frozen throne which I think is very awesome because I think the sword wanted Arthas to be whole not just to have a weapon but a full armored body, so he could lead with all the necessary equipment.
Arthas is my favorite boss in the whole video game and I think he is the coolest because he invented the death knights wich they are now playable in the game, and whenever you play a death knight you kinda feel like playing Arthas.
Whenever I see the Banshee Queen or Arthas I see undead forces and scourge forces and I think if they would unite in the game which would mean that Arthas would join the Horde would be pretty awesome, how’s that about new content.
Enemy bosses playing Alliance and Horde factions for the future of Azeroth.

Now with the new allied races the horde an the alliance may have new content but what about they’re history, what about they’re plans they seem to seek alliance but they don’t come with a story full background I think blizzard should work on that more.