The Good Guy

Yeah so I’m calling myself a good guy but what does actually good mean? Being a good guy means you always respect your elders and always try to understand people instead of judging them all the time, we don’t need no judges right now all we need is a kind heart, some patience and good will to survive and help others, people are afraid of change but changes occur when one is not feeling comfortable with himself and wants to get away somewhere very far away from us, I talk like this because I know changes are hard but to make a change you have to be the change, and to be the change you have to start it, if you start it you will finish it but if you don’t start it you will never reach your ultimate destination or goal, I talk about goals because everybody wants to be happy here, we don’t need no drama guys just a big will to survive and procreate, let’s make mankind the best species on the planet again shall we guys?


If you want to see me Rap go ahead and take a Nap

Oh my god I just realized that I have the skills to rap again how cool is that, I’m still insane but can I still rap like I used to? No way bro no more rapping for me I’m retired but what about you bro do you still rap? No I don’t we retired oh god damn it we going to play the game again fuck rapping this shit we going wild for the night today and yesterday was the same day as today what the actual heck is going on with you people wanna go insane today? Well ya sure why not, we going to a party tonight that sounds fun get some girls fuck some bitches go to sleep smoke a joint and you’ll be creepin in no time man. We gonna win this they said I say we going to lose this nah man we winnin so shut the fuck up we losing, this is going on in my head right now I’m stuck between winning and losing and I can’t make up my mind anymore, FUCK!


We the ones of the universe

Yo this is epic, I just tried this new thing and it works awesome, I kinda want to be honest on this one, I feel like I’m the one for you I mean in a cool sense of way, I mean I feel like you know what I’m trying to tell you but you refuse to lie, and thats ok, lies are bad just like its for me when I am telling the truth each and every where, I know I get mad but that’s ok, not ok is to lie, I always be there for me for my future turth for my mistakes and cool awesome everybody wants only to hear what they want to hear but that is ok, I am here to tell you the truth, I want the truth I want to be true, I want to be true damage if you know what I mean.

I prefer the hard painful harsh and killing truth than to survive in a world where there is so many lies and comfort, I think this is the best words to use, I prefer pain and honesty than to be left alone in my home without nobody just me myself and I .

Be honest bro why is it so hard? To be honest, tell them tell it your truth you are real this is reality this is the real world, this is my truth, come on if you like me and if you don’t please do not kill me I am human I am alive I am well I am good mannered, I forgive you all forever.

I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you all. Men, women and children, all animals deserve love respect and truth.

Bring peace guys, forever love, Asetha.

Its a road, its a pathway

In order for us to be successful we have to chose and pick a road on which we have to go got to follow that path no matter what, never besides the thing that the pathway will lead in an awful place but in a beautiful one and successful one, be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

We lead , we learn, we try to seduce women as much as we can but it ain’t working no more.

We seducing we learning we healing.

Lets go!

Your art

Your artform is one of the greatest, your technique is superbe, your soul is untouchable, your smile is beautiful, your handsome hair is priceless, your love life is mine, you are the one I was waiting for all my life, begins, we are the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning, the end of an era, we are the ones who smile alongside us, we are the books of clover, the four leaves of clover, we are unique original and marvelous we are superbe, we are the ones who come by and stick some stones in our gutter, we are the equals of humanity, this is the change, this is sparta.

We people have made such progress if you look at animals they will look at you too so let’s do more like them and less like us lets do more like animals and less like humans, lets go for the four leaf clover.

Write your destiny

As long as I was a child I wanted to write, write my ass off, write my destiny write my thoughts, since childbirth I wanted something special for myself, maybe a bike or maybe someone I could trust, I don’t know, our destinies are written by the people we love as long as we love them, people mistake kindness for weakness so often they misspell belief, I write because I am a poet and I can’t write a book yet.

If I could write a book I would do it but I don’t know how to do that.

Someone told me I should write a book and that is not far from the truth.

Lying to me is like a relief, it soothes the pain but kills the memory.

Writing for me as been my number one asset, and all other assets I have are just secondary, people mistake my kindness for weakness because they think I’m too soft, I’m not, I’m a badass chick with good intentions.

I see you know weakling

The Matrix is real and it’s within us all.

Open your eyes Neo, you are the chosen one, the chosen one of the Gods the God of the Gods, you can help people Neo, you can really do.

You can help us save the planet, you can help us heal the world, you can do it Neo, I believe in you, I believe in the matrix, I believe in the music industry, I believe in you all, you can do it Neo, this is what my head always keeps telling me, never give up, I know its hard but you can do it, I believe in you Keanu, you are the best, never give up man we friends now.

If they wasn’t for him I probably would not be alive today, if it was not for you Neo I probably would not be free anymore, I would be captive in a Jail cell.

Thank you Keanu for showing me the path brother, you have my humble gratitude and respect for what you have done and your work man.


There is a glitch in the Matrix

I can find it I can have it, there is a glitch in the matrix and now I know how, I am a police officer under cover, I serve the law, if you break the law I will find you and I will … What?

No matter we are all here in this place for a reason with a purpose if you can’t find the reason of the purpose you don’t understand the meaning of it, and if you don’t understand the meaning of it then you should not know.

Find it, find me and you will see what lies ahead in your path, this is not the end.

This is not the beginning either, this is just what it is.

It is what it is guys.

Have peace, have faith, stay humble, stay focused, we’re on it.

The Matrix is all around us.

Yeah the matrix is real, the matrix is efficient and the matrix is palpable, I can see it now, it is all over the place, it’s all around us, its in our food, its in our blood, its in our ways of life, the matrix is real and so are you.

We are all in this place with a purpose, just try to figure that out, try to figure your purpose, try to figure yourself out.

You are not just a sinner, you are the whole world in motion, you are apocalyptic and apologetic, you are fine and sexy, you are hot and nice, you are mice and rats, you are fitness with a bit of stress.

We got this by the nut sack we are one, we are the future, we are the terrorists , we are Anonymus we are anywhere and any thing possible can ever make this happen.

We got this online we got this in the real and virtual world, we got this everywhere and by any means necessary .

My system

My system is composed of two moving blocks, one is for safety the other is for protection, safety plus protection equals a prosperous and generous life full of oblivion and wealth full of money and women and drugs and no more alcohol.

We do not need alcohol here only coffee, drugs, weed and cigarettes.

We go unseen, we do not have eyes because we are blind we have only souls to guide us I am a protector of the universe my destiny is this one I am sorry if I offended anyone that was just not me sorry Guys.

I am a protector of the world just like a guardian or a police officer, without me it would be troublesome, nature needs me like this, I am so sorry guys.

I have to take this medicine now. Goodbye.

The Road to Me

It’s just me myself and I around here so might as well try my luck, Hi my name is Gabriel Catalin Baltac and I’m an entrepreneur , I am here to promote Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies you might know about, I am here to promote mostly virtual money, I like money, money makes me feel good you know? Everybody has to have money every now and then and so do I.

So mostly what can I talk about bitcoin is that is a cryptocurrency that never fails to disappoint everybody wants money but none know about it so far, bitcoin for me is like a one time opportunity to make things right in my life, I want bitcoin to get me out of poverty now. But I can’t.

Bitcoin is and always will be my number one asset when I take into consideration the fact that I am gay.

Bitcoin is and always will be my number one form of money making machine.

Bitcoin is my new opportunity to make a living, bitcoin is US.

We are Bitcoin.

So lets get movin’ guys.

The World is Mine

I just came back from a little brake, no biggie while this time I meditate to fulfillness I come across a path never seen before in my whole entire life.

This path of mine comes from the path of my ancestors and the path of my pharaohs, this path comes from ancient egypt until here and now to Romania, this is the path of my Romanians and is the path to success.

I come across my path after many failed attempts I come across this path after many tries trials and failures, I come across this path after a lifetime of regret. I come across this path after a dream I had back in the day.

This path is my path and no one no human being can take my path away from me, This is mine now always and forever, we come as one.

Hell Yeah

I just bought myself a new laptop guys and it is awesome it is the best laptop of my life.

It’s an asus laptop next generation gaming plan, I can play video games all day and I don’t give a fuck, I’m a fucking gamer.

These people do not know shit I want to do what I want and that is that, these people don’t care about me all they care is all about the money. If you don’t give all your money you are shit, please be patient with me I got a lot of time on my mind, do not underestimate the power of forgiveness, we are good but not stupid.

So from now on just please go ahead and like my posts because they are the best.

I am the best so from now on please respect me and my people if you want to have a nice day and if you don’t want that then I am sorry to have bothered you my friend.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Peace and do good deeds, thank you.Peace and do good deeds, thank you.

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