To write or not to write about it?

I can feel the way that I can express myself better written than speaking, you know, when you write you put so much emotion in it it’s like you put your heart and soul into your work and nothing less, it’s all work just work, and work pays off all the time, either you want money fame power women or anything else, work, pays off, so work your ass off and never give up because in the end all that will be left of you is your work.


a wall

I crate a Wall to protect my people from harm pain and disappointment I create a wall for my family friends and all loved ones not to suffer pain or agony or defeat we win this time is off let’s do it guys. We got this by the nose. Let’s win this come on we got this now. We on it let’s move on to a new generation of babies who can do great things for this earth even save the planet. And eventually save earth from ending.

We must find a way to survive the holocaust that is coming we must find a way to stop war from happening we must find a way to block all negativity and hate we must find a way to survive this and we shall survive it because i say so. we are going to be the winners the survivors and the perfect combination of hot and cold, winter and sun, rain and wind, towers and clouds, this planet will regenerate to sustain life forever.

May God have mercy on our souls for all. Mankind alike.


Supermassive black hole

Well I got a time system now I don’t know who I got it from I think I crated it on my own lol this is wired this time we going to do it in style so hold up a bit because I am high on cockaine so let’s do this well guys we gon win this time trust me on this one we gon do it turn back time and hell yeah, let’s go, this time we gon win the jackpot.

These people I met have on thing in common and that is nudity it sucks you suck stop posting nudes they bad and awful nobody wants to see your skin you suck.

So tell me now how old are you? I don’t know 1. 2. 3. ten thousand years ago who cares we have time systematically implanted in all our brains from the whole planet is here nobody is useless you just got to find a way to get out of your daily routine and think about it for a second is this who I want to be or is it not, is this me or is it now. Who am I?


How to make money online.

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Every reality is different

You might think this is a joke, it might be, but in my view of the world there are different realities, the reality of the church, the reality of the government and the reality of the people, they can be more but it is still undiscovered, if you do not speak about it nobody will know it, the difference of the realities are they all have a purpose and a meaning, when you chose your reality or the reality you belong in you create a tribe and that tribe is like your family.

The tribe you belong in is the people you feel most close to, the people you believe in and the people who love you unconditionally. you might see broken families, broken relationships, children without mother and father, disabled people.

But in truth we all are human and by our human form makes us to belong to something that is greater than ourselves.

The reality is speak of is one thing for sure not for everybody, I try every day to find some truth and meaning in this God forsaken world, we are so little compared to the whole universe, we as the people who we belong to have this responsibility to take action on our needs.


How to stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle in a modern world

I was thinking if I care so much about my health I should go see a doctor right, well that is not that far from the truth well you see doctors these days are very smart and very intuitive you cannot fool them they see right through you, and that is not far from the truth, why are you afraid of doctors when all they want is to heal you, so what you need a vaccine so what you need to take medication so what you are ill or have a disease you only care about yourself, if you are not healthy you are ill there is no in between and a healthy lifestyle and good health is better than all the money in the world, what good is that you have money when you have cancer for example, why you need more money when you are going to die in 10 years, so to speak.

Why do you need money if all you do is eat fast food and go to church to pray to God to make you healthy again, why you start running marathons for God’s sake. Making sport and having a healthy lifestyle is a sign of success you cannot have success if you are ill or are obese or fat or ugly or ill or malnutritious or your brain do not has the same cells it need to procreate and reproduce.

The food you eat influences you way of life, TV for example teaches us all the bad and ugly stuff of the world if we stop watching TV our lives will change into a future we never thought possible before, I have friends who quit watching TV to do something constructive like sports for example, looking good helps the ladies come.

Sport is good but eating well is better I try to excersie by walking a lot and by walking I mean going to the park and make marathons of running.

So when you think of health think of what you eat what you do and what you drink.

This is very important stuff for your well being guys.


Artificial intelligence and calculations

Ever since I was little I had this passion for computers and robots and now that I am older I can say my mission is almost complete, I haven’t figured out what the code was anyway I was thinking about programming language but I can’t figure out what is the pass code for it, maybe I am not meant to be a programmer or just be a writer and use my skills to do good things.

I usually write because I need to get my mind of all the stuff that I don’t need and figure out a way I can produce more money for my family.

We need money Romania is a poor country the government does not care about us.

I am retired so I can write but most of us have no clue on what to do here.

My mind is clear now but as I am getting older I feel that time is taking its place into my life, time is ticking away even if we like it or not, it is dangerous to live an unfulfilled life, if this is what I’m going to do maybe just try my best and see what happens.


The Good Guy

Yeah so I’m calling myself a good guy but what does actually good mean? Being a good guy means you always respect your elders and always try to understand people instead of judging them all the time, we don’t need no judges right now all we need is a kind heart, some patience and good will to survive and help others, people are afraid of change but changes occur when one is not feeling comfortable with himself and wants to get away somewhere very far away from us, I talk like this because I know changes are hard but to make a change you have to be the change, and to be the change you have to start it, if you start it you will finish it but if you don’t start it you will never reach your ultimate destination or goal, I talk about goals because everybody wants to be happy here, we don’t need no drama guys just a big will to survive and procreate, let’s make mankind the best species on the planet again shall we guys?


If you want to see me Rap go ahead and take a Nap

Oh my god I just realized that I have the skills to rap again how cool is that, I’m still insane but can I still rap like I used to? No way bro no more rapping for me I’m retired but what about you bro do you still rap? No I don’t we retired oh god damn it we going to play the game again fuck rapping this shit we going wild for the night today and yesterday was the same day as today what the actual heck is going on with you people wanna go insane today? Well ya sure why not, we going to a party tonight that sounds fun get some girls fuck some bitches go to sleep smoke a joint and you’ll be creepin in no time man. We gonna win this they said I say we going to lose this nah man we winnin so shut the fuck up we losing, this is going on in my head right now I’m stuck between winning and losing and I can’t make up my mind anymore, FUCK!


We the ones of the universe

Yo this is epic, I just tried this new thing and it works awesome, I kinda want to be honest on this one, I feel like I’m the one for you I mean in a cool sense of way, I mean I feel like you know what I’m trying to tell you but you refuse to lie, and thats ok, lies are bad just like its for me when I am telling the truth each and every where, I know I get mad but that’s ok, not ok is to lie, I always be there for me for my future turth for my mistakes and cool awesome everybody wants only to hear what they want to hear but that is ok, I am here to tell you the truth, I want the truth I want to be true, I want to be true damage if you know what I mean.

I prefer the hard painful harsh and killing truth than to survive in a world where there is so many lies and comfort, I think this is the best words to use, I prefer pain and honesty than to be left alone in my home without nobody just me myself and I .

Be honest bro why is it so hard? To be honest, tell them tell it your truth you are real this is reality this is the real world, this is my truth, come on if you like me and if you don’t please do not kill me I am human I am alive I am well I am good mannered, I forgive you all forever.

I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you all. Men, women and children, all animals deserve love respect and truth.

Bring peace guys, forever love, Asetha.

This reality is a prison, life on earth is a hell

If you do not believe me then why Did Jesus Christ came to this place to awaken us why do you think he came to save us from what from the fear from the prison, from the brutality from the murder and so on, this place is not real this is a cage an illusion, something satisfying for ourselves to think we can’t do better than this, but we can and we will, you shall watch it.

Nature I love you

This article is made for all the trees who help us breathe and nobody seems to notice for all the bees nobody gives a shit for all the opossums out there, and for all animals who suffer there is another day coming out fells trust it it will come just be patient enough to handle it and it will be enough for all bees around the world mommy queen bee loves ya all thx

Mother Nature makes the law around these parts I’m sorry

Mother Nature for me Will always play a crucial world in my life mother nature keeps me alive here on this earth it gives me all I need, oxygen, food, it even sacrifices shes animals and loved animals for us to eat mother nature sacrifices her only children for us to eat can you remember that? Mother nature sacrifices herself for us always mother nature is the law around here, if nature tells me to eat dust I eat dust, if nature tells me to bang my head against the wall I’m going to bang my head against the wall is that simple, nature is supreme here on earth, is and always will be here on earth, think about the fact that nature even allowed you to be born in the first place, God didn’t do it, it was nature obviously ain’t it? Nature gives you the dream but is up to you to make that happen, dream of nature, dream of trees, dream of birds, dream of beautiful things, dream happy, live happy dream big, dream like you were a tree, I was a tree before in my past life but it cut me down to make a book my soul was a tree, so you know, nature i love you

If I would give any advice for my brother is to follow his passion

The only thing in this world that kept me going was to follow my passion to inspire others in the way I do this is what keeps me awake at night passion, lust, obsession for knowledge to know to know to know to know more and more it never ends the passion the lust the forgiveness the love it never ends so this is my advice for my brother Andrew I got a little brother 19 years old just like Billie Eillish so my advice to these two folks would be follow your passion and it does not matter where it will lead you you will find out one day this is what matters so always follow your passion it does not matter what people think of you or your mom or anybody else it is just you versus you at all times my dears

I want to become rich and famous one day

I don’t know how I’m going to do it I just know that I want to be rich and famous one day money is not evil people who use money to buy other people are I just want a big house a big dream a big family where I can grow old and me and my family and just have all the money in the world in it, that is all

I create tho I am a Creator

I create tho I am a creator I create in my mind and put it on paper or just write it down or just put it online or somewhere, I just go with the flow if it feels good I’m going to do it If I have doubts I’m going to back down but anyway when it comes to success you have to work your way up, just like Drake said, started from the bottom now we Up well yeah I did start from the bottom but without any help or even a few friends here and there not all of them are true anyway, I started writing on a piece of paper first and after that I created something phenomenal in my self or in the world like a Gold fish or a fish tank


Television and mass media are just manipulation? You think or are you just perverted by society into believing that is ok what you do, not watch TV just watch yourself and this is kind of it, what can be bad in visioning somebodies vision of themselves like hey i saw that but what can I do?

The government lies.

There is no war no spirit no nothing there ain’t going to be a war do you know what this is this is a manifestation of the world this is a manifestation of earth trying to kill himself yes this is true the earth wants to die but sonething on this planet keeps it alive and I don’t know what it is I don’ t speak.

My mom screwed my dad many times more but not like this.

If she is a cheater why does not she say so I have my doubts but when it comes to my mother it is pathethic why does she do that because my dad can’t have an erection it is pathethic and i disrespect her gracefully I will hur her feelings but never her body I pray that she is safe but when it comes to cheating I’m sorry mother but I have to do this in order for me to move on, you know I know it but I’m not going to lie for you anymore I’m not like my father

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